Changing tomorrow starts today. Every partnership DOUBLED.

We can end extreme poverty for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children.

It’s Growing Season

A record number of 18,000 orphans and vulnerable children are ready to begin their journey to a better tomorrow with ZOE, but 9,000 children still need funding to join a ZOE empowerment group. To help ensure no child is turned away, generous friends of ZOE will match dollar for dollar any funds committed to any of our 3 partnership levels. Collectively, if we fund 4,500 children or 50 empowerment groups, our impact will be DOUBLED adding all 9,000 children who are waiting to enter the program.

It’s Your Turn To Say “Yes”.

Three Ways to Pledge


90 Partnerted Children + 90 Are Matched = 180 Children Enrolled
Impact 60-100 orphans with a full partnership. Whether you choose to personally fund or to fundraise, you can pick the country. You determine your own payment plan when you make your pledge commitment of $8,000 per year for 3 years.

Half Group Partnership

45 Partnered Children + 45 Are Matched =  90 Children Enrolled

Make a pledge for half the cost of a full partnership and impact 30-50 orphans. Whether you choose a payment plan or to fundraise, pick one of the 6 countries where ZOE works. $4,000 per year for 3 years will move a group of children beyond charity.

Crowdfunded Partnership

You choose the number of children, your impact is matched!

It only takes $8/month to empower one orphan. Choose the number of children you want to impact. We promise to report back to you about the group of children you are supporting so you can see the difference you are making.

*Group sizes vary; average group size is 90.


Read more about how Project:Grow is continuing the empowerment process for vulnerable children across the globe.